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Mega Trevenant: Perfect Cherry Blossom by ProfessorShroomish
Mega Trevenant: Perfect Cherry Blossom

Here's my Perfect Cherry Blossom, Mega Trevenant! I had the idea when I was trying to imagine a Pokemon who could perform its role in the face of adversary, ignoring factors such as Fake Out, sleep, Taunt, and even Sky Drop. It needed Ghost type for Fake Out, Grass type for sleep, an ability for Taunt, and weight to stop Sky Drop. A Mega Evolution for either Gourgeist or Trevenant would fit the bill! I turned him into a cherry blossom to fit with the flavor of Aroma Veil. Also inspired by the soul draining cherry blossom of the Netherworld in Touhou, Saigyou Ayakashi. Let's take a look :D

Mega Trevenant

Height: 9'2"

Weight: 448 lbs.

Typing: Ghost/Grass (No Change)

Abilities: Natural Cure/Frisk/Harvest ------> Aroma Veil

BST: 85/110/76/65/82/56 ------> 85/135/126/75/127/26

(+25 Attack, +50 Defense, +10 Sp.Atk, +45 Sp.Def, -30 Speed)

- Can set up Trick Room unhindered by Fake Out, Taunt, and most forms of sleep. Weight even makes him immune to Sky Drop! Also good for spreading burns, and possibly Leech Seed.

- Outslows everything remotely relevant except Ferrothorn, Escavalier, and Gigalith.

- Can't be touched by Kangaskhan without Crunch.

- Bulk comparable to Mega Venusaur, but with more weaknesses.

- Can be EV'd to survive some of the strongest moves in singles and VGC, such as Choice Band Talonflame's Brave Bird, Choice Specs Hydreigon's Dark Pulse, and many more.

- Can OHKO most Rotom-W and Azumarill with Wood Hammer with 0 attack investment. Investing gets an OHKO on Politoed. OHKO on Blade Aegislash with 0 investment Shadow Claw.

- Kept in check by lack of instant recovery and offensive pressure, double targeting, and boosted attacks from its many type weaknesses. Constant offense can topple the great cherry blossom.

Balanced? Hopefully. Thanks for reading, and feel free to share constructive criticism :D


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